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Welcome to  B&R Ranch
in Fredericksburg, Virginia

About Us          

Boris, Rachel , and their three children moved to
the United States from Israel in 2003.  In Israel, Boris and Rachel were known as experts in the fields of riding skills and equine therapy for over 20 years. They came to the United States with the idea of opening a ranch with an indoor arena that would provide the same services all year long. 

B&R Ranch offers several programs.  They include the following:

Western Riding Lessons:  Beginner and Advanced with Emphasis on Reining
Horse Training:  Green and Well Trained, Behavior Problems 
Boarding:  Full Care (Stalls) and Field 
Equine Therapy:    Private and Group Lessons for Children and Adults with Special Needs, Social Skills in Group Settings 
Working Skills:  Providing High School Graduates with Necessary Social and Work Skills that will Aid Transition into Adult Life and Full Time Employment

Rachel graduated college with a degree in Physical Education.  She taught children of all ages throughout the school system in Israel for 25 years.  At the age of 30, Boris, her husband, exposed her to his love of horses and he gave her her very first riding lesson.  Rachel quickly shared her husband's passion and received her teaching certification for providing riding lessons. With Boris focusing on riding lessons and reining, Rachel went back to school and received a certification in Equine Therapy which would allow her to work with adults and children having special needs.  After several years of providing equine therapy, Rachel became a well recognized mentor for other instructors pursuing equine therapy.      
Boris grew up around horses since the age of 12. He started riding at the age of 15.  At this time in Boris' life, horses were a hobby he spent his free time on.  After serving in the Israeli military for 3 years, Boris pursued a career in the aircraft industry and retired after 30 years.  Prior to his retirement, Boris and his family established a barn in Israel where he began to spend much more time training horses and riding.  He received his teaching certification and began providing riding lessons.  He trained all the horses that his wife, Rachel, used for therapy. Boris continued to pursue his love of horses and teaching and focused on reining discipline.