We are pleased to offer training for green horses and yearlings. Additionally, we can train horses that require behavior modifications. In most cases behavioral cases, Boris can train most green horses to accept riders within two months.

We have indoor and outdoor arenas so that we can train during inclement weather and keep the horses fit all year long.

If you need to speak with a team of professionals to help you better communicate with your horse, contact Boris or Rachel at  540.273.4919, or send an email to
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Welcome to B&R Ranch
in Fredericksburg, Virginia
If you would like to learn more about the Training or Riding programs available at  B&R Ranch,  contact Rachel for available times, dates, and venues.

Call or  text 540.273.4919 or send an email  to  
Adopt-A-Horse for the Summer

Donate a fly mask or feed a horse during the summer months by contacting Rachel at B&R Ranch. Rachel will keep you informed on how the horse is progressing through the winter months with your help. For more information, call or text at 540.273.4919, or email today!