Therapeutic Lessons             
Our existing program  B&R Ranch uses the equine experience to enhance the quality of life for physically, mentally, and emotionally challenged people. This program helps individuals over-come their disabilities by using equine therapeutic techniques.  The techniques and therapies we use are recognized by leading physical therapy organizations including the North American Riding Handicap Association (Path int.). 
Our program uses equine therapeutic riding as the tool to improve their lives. Expected results include increased cognitive skills, improved balance, increased stamina, better muscle control, increased muscle strength, better posture, and improved self-esteem. 
Challenged children, youth,  and adults with Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention 
Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism, Selected Mute, Asparger, Downs Syndrome, 
Manic Depression, aggression, Cerebral Palsy, Hypotonic or muscle disorders have 
improved their quality of life as a result of our existing program.  The professionals 
at B&R Ranch take the time to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each 
individual so that the strengths can be used to build on areas that need improvement.
Special program for "Wounded veterans"

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Welcome to B&R Ranch
in Fredericksburg, Virginia
Boris & Rachel have over 24years of experience in Israel and the U.S. as trainers and facility managers. They are members of the North American Riding Handicap Association (Path int.).
The focus of riding therapy is more than just the physical. It addresses the mental and emotional well being of the rider.