One of my Heroes 

Those who work in therapy with students, who are low communicators, often work many years with no response from the student. Once in a while, we are rewarded with a moment of clarity, a light from a child that will be cherished forever.  
This recently happened here at B and R Ranch.  

One of my students, NG, has been with me for 7 years. He has been diagnosed with autism, Down’s syndrome, ADHD, and lots of behavior issues, including pinching and grabbing. Eye contact and communication initiated by NG, does not happen. Last week, it did. At the end of the lesson, I stood on a mounting block and helped him to wipe his nose. He reached out and took my shoulders into his hands, pulled me close, and looked directly into my eyes. He was looking directly into my soul. Then he smiled! I know that this moment is a rarity, but I know he was speaking to me directly into my heart! I cried, and you know that I do not normally cry. Moments like this make all the time and hard work worth it.  

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